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How it Works has a narrow focus on academic writing. We are equipped to provide original essays, reaction papers, term papers, theses, and dissertations. We can handle projects of all sizes, and we staff an excellent team of writers and researchers who are well versed in your subject matter. We only write 100% original material that is custom tailored to fit your needs with every paid order.

The Custom Writing Process

Here is an outline of our custom writing process to show you exactly how we operate to give you complete control of your thesis throughout our work on it.

  1. Placing your order. There are two ways to place your order with us, by phone, or via our easy-to-fill-out order forms. You have the option of speaking directly with the writer who will be working on your model paper. You will find that the writer is very familiar with the thesis writing process, having been through it several times, including when they earned their own advanced degree.

  2. Research. Your specially selected expert writer will research your thesis and review all the latest relevant literature and other sources extensively.

  3. Composition. After researching your topic thoroughly, your writer composes a model thesis on your topic. The model thesis includes 250 words of text per page, formatting in the academic style of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.), a free bibliography of research sources, and our guarantee of 100% original, plagiarism-free content. (See our Chapter by Chapter page to find out how to do this step in pieces, giving you even more control!)

  4. Peer review. At this stage, another of our staff writers reviews the work to make certain every condition has been met.

  5. Delivery. Your model paper is delivered on time, on or before the deadline you set, no matter how short the turn-around.

After we get a finished product into your hands, you have up to four business days to inform us of any revisions you want made, and we'll make them for free!

Give us a call today and meet one of our friendly customer care professionals to learn all about how can get your academic paper into shape. We're on the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pre-Written Academic Papers has an enormous catalogue of pre-written academic papers available for instantaneous download. There are over 45,000 complete essays and term-papers, written by experts in each represented field. Often a great essay can be the kernel at the core of a great thesis or dissertation. Search our database for your thesis topic, and you’ll find a number of essays and term papers on your subject that you can use as inspiration, expanding them into your thesis.

When you order a pre-written paper, it’s delivered to you instantly. Get started on developing your thesis from a professionally written paper right now!


If you have already written your thesis yourself, and are looking for a professional editor to work magic with your draft, can help you out. In addition to our writers, we have a team of experienced, expert editors that will review, revise and strengthen your thesis or dissertation. Every writer knows a second pair of eyes is 100 times more valuable than self-editing – so why not make that second pair of eyes a professional with plenty of academic experience? Your thesis will be put through a rigorous quality control matrix, and the paper you hand in will be gleaming.

The editors at are highly trained and equipped to provide expert advice and revision. They are pros at combing a thesis or other academic document for minor and major issues. Not only will our editors fix any grammatical or structural errors, they will also make educated suggestions and rewrite sections of your thesis to make the entire argument that much stronger.

Call us today to speak with a friendly customer care representative to learn more about the ways can help with your thesis. We're standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call.


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